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Vibes Trading Foundation Course


Trading Financial Markets with Technical Analysis

Are you interested to learn how to trade:

  • But have no clue on where to begin?
  • To create a second source of income?

There are a variety of reasons to pick up Trading. At Vibes, we understand the difficulties you will encounter. With thousands of articles and seminars out there teaching you how to trade (sometimes with “secret” strategies), it can be really confusing. But Trading should be simple, and it can be.


Have you ever:

  • Felt lost upon opening a price chart?
  • Wondered when would be a good time to enter or exit your trades?
  • Been unable to make sense of large amounts of market information/data?
  • Faced difficulties utilising the various tools/indicators at your disposal?

Many fellow Traders experience the difficulties above. Additionally, the lack of risk management may cause Traders to experience huge losses. But it does not have to be so, and it can be avoided!


Join fellow Traders at our Trading course to learn and grasp the essentials of Trading.

At Vibes, we want to do things differently. We aim to deliver to our fellow Traders an enriching learning experience like no other. Held in a tuition-like style, our courses are conducted with the use of a trade simulator (Meta Trader 4) to bring to fellow Traders a fresh, engaging experience throughout the session.

Why Learn Here

  • Tailored to suit all levels of financial literacy
  • Hands on, interactive sessions
  • Real world examples and case studies
  • Relevant, up-to-date material
  • Structured, comprehensive curriculum
  • Easy to implement strategies and guidelines
  • Post-course support and services available
  • Become a part of our trading community
  • Enjoy additional incentives to help start your trading journey

Course Details

  • Introduction to Trading
  • Overview of Financial Instruments
  • Essential of Technical Analysis
    – Candlesticks

    – Indicators
    – Support/Resistance
    – Trends
    – Volume
  • Trade Execution – Usage of tools
  • Trade Execution – Hands-on
  • Acquire knowledge on financial instruments
  • Understand what drives markets
  • Acquire knowledge on the fundamentals of trading
  • Fundamentals of data presentation
  • Understand the concept of various technical analysis
  • Application of analysis on charts and patterns
  • Identify points of entry/exit
    Conduct trades using a systematic process
  • Nurture trading skills to achieve your targets
  • Importance of risk management
  • Defining suitable trading parameters
  • Importance of maintaining trading discipline
  • Develop and nurture trading discipline/mindset

Meals/Refreshments are provided.

Course Fees: SGD$180.00

Ready to Trade towards profitability? Take action NOW!

To help get you started on Trading, Vibe’s has partnered with our Brokerage firm – Fullerton Markets – to offer you additional services and credits for FREE to help kick start your journey towards profitability. This offer is purely exclusive to fellow Traders who have attended our courses.

Fellow Traders will also be invited to join our Trading Community where Traders can feel free to discuss and/or ask questions so that everyone learns together! Additionally, fellow Traders will also be able to receive analysis on trades brought to you by our very own analysts at Vibes.

What are you waiting for? Come join us and other fellow Traders and begin your Trading journey with Vibes!